PGH Tai Chi in 2023

Coming Soon to PGH Tai Chi in 2023

Join us for a free 30 minute introductory zoom class on Chinese New Year 1/22/2023

Online Classes will start again in February 2023

In March 2023, we will add the opportunity to do some outdoor group training in Pittsburgh, PA

Registration for classes will be available soon!

For those of you in the Pittsburgh area, please contact me with the neighborhoods where you would most like to see outdoor training happen

For those of you interested semi-private or private instruction, reach out to me below

I wish everyone inner happiness and peace!

I look forward to bringing you more PGH Tai Chi in 2023!!!


How do I get the most out of online classes?

First you’ll need at least five square feet so that you have room to move.  Also, you should be able to reach both arms straight up with your fingers extended toward the ceiling without touching the ceiling.

Optimally set your tablet/computer in front of you so that you can easily see the screen and so that the camera on your device can see from your head to your feet.

Wearing comfortable clothes that will not restrict your movement is recommended.

Also you may want some room temperature water in case you get thirsty and a small towel if you start to perspire. Room temperature water is important in this case, rather than ice water.

It is recommended that you stay on mute when attending class, unless you want to ask a question 🙂

I have found it very helpful to keep a training journal. Use any notebook to help remember class information and as a place to write any questions that turn up as you practice.

P G H  Tai Chi

Yours in Power, Grace & Harmony.

Coach Jon

Construction Zone

The sound of drills running, boards being sawed in half and hammers thudding against a variety of surfaces may not be the most appreciated of soundscapes.  But, alas it means that PGH Tai Chi is getting closer to opening classes to the public.

Starting on June 1st, PGH Tai Chi will have online classes available.  Tentative class times will be Tuesday at 7pm and 8pm ET as well as on Thursday at 7pm and 8pm ET.

Day / TimeTopic
Tuesday / 7:00pm ETBeginning Tai Chi (10 step Yang)
Tuesday / 8:00pm ETBeginning Qi Gong (8 brocades)
Thursday / 7:00pm ETBeginning Qi Gong (8 brocades)
Thursday / 8:00pm ETBeginning Tai Chi (10 step Yang)

We are also planning to offer an additional time slot that works well for those of you in the IST time zone.  More to come on that soon.

If you are interested in Tai Chi or Qi Gong classes, what time zone are you in and what time in the evening works well for you?  Now is the time to have your voices heard, please fill out the form below and let us know your preferences.

P G H  Tai Chi

Yours in Power, Grace & Harmony.

Coach Jon

What’s in a name?

PGH Tai Chi takes its name from two things. First, it is named for the common abbreviation for Pittsburgh.  PGH also stands for Power, Grace and Harmony.  This is a wonderful way to describe the qualities found in Tai Chi and the internal martial arts.  In the PGH Tai Chi logo, the first Chinese character is for power 力. The Pinyin for that character is lì.  The second character is for grace 恩. The Pinyin for that character is ēn.  The third character is for harmony 和. The Pinyin for that character is hé.

May we all strive to have these characteristics within our martial arts as well as in our lives. A big thank you to my Sifu Master Nick Gracenin for coming up with the fantastic idea for the PGH acronym.

A special thanks to my family and my Sifu for supporting my love of the martial arts throughout the years!  Without you, none of this would be possible!

P G H Tai Chi

Yours in Power, Grace & Harmony.

Coach Jon