The time is now

Working on your fitness, gaining or losing weight as needed, taking care of your mental wellness, studying for that upcoming test or any other goal you have all require your time.  It is easy to put off those goals and start on another day, but I have found that the best time to start is now.  You don’t have to make giant steps at first, just little ones.  With a little bit of progress each day, before you know it you may find your way further down the road toward that goal than you expect.

Don’t forget that registration is now open for classes starting in June 2021.

Registration for June 2021

Are you interested in a PGH Tai Chi T-Shirt?  We will ship shirts for those of you that are not local to Pittsburgh, PA

The shirts are a comfortable poly blend of 60% ring-spun cotton / 40% polyester.

The shirts are unisex in sizing. The cost per shirt will be $20. We are now accepting pre-orders, please reach out to us at or via the form below.

Author: pghtaichi

Tai Chi (Taijiquan) instructor, second degree black belt neijiaquan, 2004 Wushu Union National Champion, internal division.

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