Do I have to practice every day?

You may be expecting me to say yes, but the answer is more accurately: you get out of practice what you put into it.  A little bit of practice is better than no practice at all.  When you can find time to practice in a day, take advantage of that opportunity.

For a moment let’s discuss the term Gōng Fu (Kung Fu). Gōng 功 can be translated as work or merit.  Fu 夫 is literally man or mankind, but it is often considered to mean “time spent”.  Together these two characters can be considered skill.  If we think about the combination of these characters we can see that it takes both time and work to achieve skill.

This term is not exclusive to martial arts, but can be used to describe anybody who has achieved a high skill in their endeavors.

So back to the discussion of practicing daily.  We can see that to achieve Gōng Fu with our martial art, it takes both time and work.  If we put in the work, but not the time it will take longer to achieve the skill.  The reverse is true, if we put in a lot of time but don’t work very hard, then it will also take longer to achieve the skill.

Talents without skills is like deserts without an oasis. ~ Arabian Proverb

P G H  Tai Chi

Yours in Power, Grace & Harmony.

Coach Jon

Author: pghtaichi

Tai Chi (Taijiquan) instructor, second degree black belt neijiaquan, 2004 Wushu Union National Champion, internal division.

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