How to integrate Tai Chi into your daily routine

For me personally, I have success with practicing Tai Chi first thing in the morning.  If the mornings are not good for you, that is okay.  Find a time in the day that will work for you, perhaps at lunch time or in the evening prior to your bedtime.   As an example, if you have set a goal to practice 30 to 40 minutes on a given day, don’t think that you have to do that all consecutively.  Practicing in 15 to 20 minute blocks of time can be quite effective and you may benefit from having multiple shorter sessions.

Whatever time of day you choose, begin by taking a few deep and calming breaths.  Let go of any persistent thoughts, focus on the present moment and then begin your practice.

P G H  Tai Chi

Yours in Power, Grace & Harmony.

Coach Jon

Author: pghtaichi

Tai Chi (Taijiquan) instructor, second degree black belt neijiaquan, 2004 Wushu Union National Champion, internal division.

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