How do I get the most out of online classes?

First you’ll need at least five square feet so that you have room to move.  Also, you should be able to reach both arms straight up with your fingers extended toward the ceiling without touching the ceiling.

Optimally set your tablet/computer in front of you so that you can easily see the screen and so that the camera on your device can see from your head to your feet.

Wearing comfortable clothes that will not restrict your movement is recommended.

Also you may want some room temperature water in case you get thirsty and a small towel if you start to perspire. Room temperature water is important in this case, rather than ice water.

It is recommended that you stay on mute when attending class, unless you want to ask a question 🙂

I have found it very helpful to keep a training journal. Use any notebook to help remember class information and as a place to write any questions that turn up as you practice.

P G H  Tai Chi

Yours in Power, Grace & Harmony.

Coach Jon

Author: pghtaichi

Tai Chi (Taijiquan) instructor, second degree black belt neijiaquan, 2004 Wushu Union National Champion, internal division.

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