What’s in a name?

PGH Tai Chi takes its name from two things. First, it is named for the common abbreviation for Pittsburgh.  PGH also stands for Power, Grace and Harmony.  This is a wonderful way to describe the qualities found in Tai Chi and the internal martial arts.  In the PGH Tai Chi logo, the first Chinese character is for power 力. The Pinyin for that character is lì.  The second character is for grace 恩. The Pinyin for that character is ēn.  The third character is for harmony 和. The Pinyin for that character is hé.

May we all strive to have these characteristics within our martial arts as well as in our lives. A big thank you to my Sifu Master Nick Gracenin for coming up with the fantastic idea for the PGH acronym.

A special thanks to my family and my Sifu for supporting my love of the martial arts throughout the years!  Without you, none of this would be possible!

P G H Tai Chi

Yours in Power, Grace & Harmony.

Coach Jon

Author: pghtaichi

Tai Chi (Taijiquan) instructor, second degree black belt neijiaquan, 2004 Wushu Union National Champion, internal division.

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